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Fix your feed with Equifix+. 

Equifix+ is not a high calorie, high fat supplement to simply 'bulk up' horses.  Research has shown that muscle loss is attributed to low grade systemic inflammation, which can result from aging, obesity, various disease states or intense training.  The complex blend of ingredients in Equifix+ have been shown in university trials to reduce systemic inflammation and enhance metabolism and muscle accretion.  The results of this topline builder, digestive health supporter and coat enhancer will give you and your horse confidence, whether it's in the show ring, race track, trails or pasture!



Ideal for all classes of horses:

  • Complex blend of amino acids encourages muscle development

  • Omega-3 fatty acids help promote normal inflammatory pathways

  • Pre-and Probiotics support digestive health

  • Plant-based antioxidants help reduce oxidative stress


Research Detail


Components of EquiFix+ reduce circulating inflammatory cytokines and therefore reduce systemic inflammation in the horse.


Geriatric horses often can’t gain weight due to complications from aging and various disease states like Cushing’s Disease. EquiFix+ encourages significant weight gain in geriatric horses by enhancing metabolism and muscle accretion.


Inflammation alters the function of the signaling pathways involved in protein synthesis and insulin metabolism. After 30 days on EquiFix+, insulin metabolism improved in geriatric horses.