Fly Shield Spray

Get long lasting protection everywhere it counts- in the barn, out in pasture and during your rides.


USE DIRECTIONS:    Introduction : 1/4 scoop per day, and build up to desired level slowly   Maintenance : 1 scoop per day;  Loading : 2 scoops per day

Fly Shield Spray is designed to topically provide long lasting natural protection from biting insects.  The botanical formula is ideal for use in horses and dogs to repel against biting insects while nourishing sensitive skin.  It is gentle enough for daily use and NON-TOXIC.


  • Ideal for any setting where biting insects may cause discomfort or distraction

  • Easy to use spray bottle

  • Easy to use

  • Comprehensive formula helps deter biting insects

  • Contains Citronella Oil, an ingredient proven to work more efficiently than Permethrin and Pyrethrin spray concentrates